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Acne can be a very frustrating thing! I know because I have been there. 


Over the years of being an esthetician I have tried numerous products and treatments.

I am so happy to say that I have finally found an amazing product line and  a treatment plan that has helped me and many of my clients get clear!


With a 90-95% success rate you will see so much improvement in 2-4  months, some will take a little longer.  Your skin is worth the wait!  

Acne Consultation &  Treatment

60-90 min $149 

add in back 30min $49

We will go over your skin type, skin tolerance, your diet, health history and life style.  This will help determine possible acne triggers.  We will discuss skin aggravating factors that can cause you to have breakouts.  You will recieve a consultation packet that covers everything we will be going over in the consultation.  We will then perform your first treatment.  This will start by analyzing your skin to see if hydration enzyme or acne peel will be used.  We will do extractions and  high frequency.

Expect to pay about $175 for your first set of acne products at your first appointment. 

Acne Treatment

30-45min every 2 weeks $59

add in Back 30 min $49

I will want to see you every 2 weeks to perform a custom treatment.  

We will decide which treatment will be best for your skin when you come in.  We will go over product usage and adjust it if needed so your skin does not over-adapt and stops responding.  These treatments are uniquely tailored to your skin health, which is why this works!

As you start clearing your treatments will become shorter.  There just won't be as many extractions to do!

Outcomes will vary depending on your adherence to the program and product usage as well as lifestyle changes.

Monthly Maintenance

30-45min every 4 weeks $99

add in back 30 min $49

Add celluma light therapy to your acne treatment 30min $25

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